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28 March 2024

Project presentation: Multilevel-grounded semantics - language, music, visual cognition

On Thursday, 28 March 2024, researchers and associates gave the first presentation of the new project on multilevel-grounded semantics, as jointly implemented by the Center for Cognitive Sciences and Branch in Niš of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (No. O-36-24, coordinator: academician Aleksandar Kostić). The principal investigator and head of the Center for Cognitive Sciences, Prof. Mihailo Antović, gave a retrospective of the first ten years of work of the Center and thanked the Branch in Niš of the Serbian Academy for continued support. After this, the basics of the multilevel-grounding theory were given followed by current and planned activities on the project. Finally, young associates were given opportunity to present their own roles in the project (Nikola Stojanović, Mladen Popović, Anja Tošić, Miloš Milisavljević, Anja Petrović, and Olivera Marković).