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23 May 2024

EEG Training and Workshop by Mr. Slobodan Tanacković

On Thursday, 23 May 2024, we were visited by Mr. Slobodan Tanacković, representative of the Austrian company G-Tec Medical Engineering, a well-known producer of all types of equipment for invasive and non-invasive use with the brain, in both research and clinical environments. Mr. Tanacković brought along a 64-channel electroencephalogram and demonstrated its use with a relatively simple task of visual perception. In addition to involving two young volunteers, one as the operator of the system and one more as an experimental participant, which the audience was very interested in observing, Mr. Tanacković also presented numerous challenges of operating the equipment and the software, including set-up, mounting the electrodes onto the scalp, averaging the signal, avoiding artifacts, and many more. He also presented some novelties in the world of neurophysiology, including recent mobile EEGs, which measure cortical activity in naturalistic settings, i.e. outside of the laboratory. The session sparked a lot of interest in the audience.